Sculptures-assemblages by Trudi Mathieu



Trudi Mathieu is a sculptor and a designer-collagist. She produces works from a variety of recycled fibres such as driftwood, shells and pieces of roots washed ashore. Mathieu combines influences from her colourful family history and her numerous travels around the world. Trudi exemplifies a slower pursuit for life and art, contemplating the myriad greens of the small garden adjacent to her studio, the artist states: “Through the simple repeated action of carving, I am etching my inner voice onto each piece, like breathing. Our lives become more and more complex with each new high-tech invention but the speed of our breathing doesn’t change.”

As a child, Trudi grew up in a household filled with pieces of wood, driftwood, recuperated paper and cloths fresh from her parents’ studio who taught her to create her own toys made of recycled catalogues, remnants of fabric and pieces of carton and discarded wood. The artist perceived these materials and techniques as quite ordinary, humble and simple. Leaving behind these handicrafts as she grew older, Mathieu began to study creativity and design in Montreal and Vancouver and ultimately earned her living as a sculptor and fashion and costume designer. Extensive travels in Europe, Asia and across the Americas helped Mathieu understand her need to return to her roots, using recycled matters washed ashore as her primary art form - Trudi has lived by the ocean in the Gaspe Peninsula, in France, also in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal where she has settled her studio for a few years.

From these numerous travels she encounters the fact that art is part of daily life and not relegated to the activities of a select few. The idea that one can use these humble discarded materials to make art of the first order was a revelation for the artist. A little in the manner of an antique quilter of the New World Mathieu sculpts, carves and assembles pieces of driftwood washed ashore and aged by the undertow. Trudi is able to manipulate the resulting surfaces into sculptural assemblages radiating a compelling intriguing energy that is a veritable visual feast - Mathieu’s artistic pursuits maintain a youthful zest for life and a childlike spontaneity. The resulting works encourage the same response from the viewer.

May 2017

Trudi Mathieu

exhibition / exposition



Le texte par Trudi Mathieu. Les sculptures-assemblages par Trudi Mathieu (photographies Gerald et Maas)
Text by Trudi Mathieu. Sculpture-assemblages by Trudi Mathieu (photographs Gerald and Maas)
Gerald and Maas
May 12, 2017