Gerald and Maas editions / atelier



Invitations ~ by Julie Maas. From January 31, 2018, exhibition of invitations. "Using etching and block-print proofs, carved stamps and drawings from the edges of conversations and lists, some invitations for you at two minutes before twelve." Artist statement







by John Bart Gerald from a work in progress:
"the greed of death," Al a'taba (the threshold), Iraqi art and poetry, The BRrussells Tribunal, 2011.
"the dissident's poem,", 2014.
"a hidden poem,"dissident voice, 2016.



Sculpture by Trudi Mathieu


Opening May 12th, 2017, the Gerald and Maas exhibiton of sculpture by Trudi Mathieu at

Elle dit de son art:"Ses fréquents voyages au long cours lui ont enseigné que l’art fait partie de la vie quotidienne partout dans le monde et qu’il n’est pas seulement réservé à une élite. En fait, l’idée qu’on puisse utiliser des matériaux aussi simples pour la création artistique a été une révélation pour l’artiste." Démarche artistique

She says of her art: "From these numerous travels she encounters the fact that art is part of daily life and not relegated to the activities of a select few. The idea that one can use these humble discarded materials to make art of the first order was a revelation for the artist." Artist statement




retrospective: from 1990




john bart gerald and julie maas
graphics by julie maas
update of january 31, 2018