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Noted at print media publication:
Portions of these essays by John Bart Gerald have appeared in print or online: two sections of "Toward Nonviolence," were published in Confrontation magazine;"Neruda's Winter Garden" and "Crimes of Power" were first author posted at; a portion of "An Open Letter" appeared in The PEN Bulletin; "On the Prevention of Genocide," first appeared with from Holland, then with serendipity, Switzerland. "The Silence of Mothers" was first published in Des Pardes (this country other country). A portion of "The Silence of Writers," appeared in the National Writers Union's American Writer;"Suppression of the Convention on Genocide," and "Essay on State Terrorism," first appeared on Gerald and Maas Night's Lantern at

Among twenty pages of drawings by Julie Maas are images which have appeared in several of her etchings.


First edition first printing, 125 copies
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Gerald, John Bart, 1940-
    Arguments with the thought police / by John Bart Gerald ;
drawings by Julie Maas.

ISBN 0-9731090-0-9

    1. Nonviolence. I. Maas, Julie II. Title.

JZ5574.G47 2002   303.6'1   C2002-



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